Our Labradoodle Breeding Dogs

Our breeding girls have 2 litters and then are retired. We are limiting the number of breeding dogs and have focused on the best and most desirable labradoodle qualities.

Earth Angels Sweet Sadie WALA# 00075516 ( Montana Sky Lourdes aka Millie X Prairie’s The Captain aka Reggie). Sadie is our lovely keeper from Millie. Sadie is fortunate to live with Millie and their pawrents in Lethbridge. She is an affectionate and good natured doodle.¬† Sadie has her first litter of six this fall and we will have her final litter in winter 2024.



Earth Angels She Belongs Among the Wildflowers aka Rosie¬† WALA # 00075526 ( She’s Whiskey in a Teacup aka Mia X Eden Valley’s Elmer). Rosy is Charlee’s little sister. She lives in Lethbridge with her guardian family and Sammie who is one of our previous breeding girls. She is a lovable and affectionate girl. Rosie had a beautiful litter of 5 and was an amazing mommy. She will have her final litter in winter 2024.









Upcoming Girls

Prairie Doodles Indie at Earth Angels ( Prairie Little Jo x Prairie Zigfried) WALA # 000094895 DOB December 7, 2022

This little cutie is a large mini and once health tested will be part of the fall 2024 breeding line up. She lives in Lethbride with her family and is a beloved family member.



Earth Angels Austen ( Earth Angels Willo x Coulee Finnick) WALA # 00094610 DOB May 5, 2023

Austen lives with us and is a special girl because her pedigree contains the special dogs who live/lived with us. She is playful, curious and loves humans and canines alike. Austen will mature to a large medium and bring back some size to our program. If all goes well we will see some offspring from her in 2025. In the meantime she is a curious and playful aunty to Sadie’s babies. It brings back fond memories of our first doodle Avalon who in 14 years never lost of her love of the puppies.


Molesley and Austen