Adopting a Labradoodle


If you are interested in adopting a Labradoodle puppy or want more information, please contact Tammie at or phone 403-330 – 4322. We have an online application form that may be completed and submitted. Once your application has been evaluated we will contact you to confirm your placement on the waiting list. We require all people suffering from moderate-severe pet allergies visit our dogs or spend at least 2 hours being licked and loved by a Labradoodle in their community. These dogs are NOT hypoallergenic in the sense that they won’t trigger allergies. They are allergy friendly so less likely to produce an allergic reaction than some other types of dogs.  There is no breed of dog that will absolutely not produce an allergic response through either dander or saliva.

Our price for a puppy is $2750 plus GST. The demand for doodles has generated a range of prices.  You may be able to purchase early generation crosses for less however they are likely to shed, may not originate from health tested parents and are generally not similar in appearance to the multi generational Australian Labradoodle. Our price has remained on the lower side of the market but we hope that families will keep in mind the expenses of every 2-3 month grooming, pet insurance and feeding a high quality diet and excellent training. We want our puppies to receive the best care possible and we want to share our love of labradoodles with a wide variety of individuals and families.

I strongly recommend that you research your breeders and inquire about things such as how long have they been breeding? what are their puppy rearing practices – Avidog/Puppy Culture/other. Are they able to describe their passion for the dogs and why do they think you might enjoy one ? How many labradoodles do they have in their home or do they just breed them ? Are the puppies raised inside their home or in an outside facility? Are they exposed to a regular household before they go home? What other socialization have they had? Do they have a visitation policy? Are they a member of a breed organization? There are many other good questions to ask and a reputable breeder should be comfortable providing answers.

Once your application has been reviewed I will request a non-refundable reservation fee  of $500.00. This fee is applied to the purchase price. We accept email bank transfers to The balance will be due on the week the puppies go home to their new families. Your puppy will not be released until payment is received in full – no exceptions. We reserve the right to select the puppies for the families based on information provided in the application and results of our APET temperament test. We appreciate details on family lifestyle, age of children, past canine experience, etc as all this helps us to match puppies to the appropriate family. We discourage people from becoming too attached to photos as they are a small piece of information when choosing a puppy. We may also retain puppies from the litters for breeding purposes as we want to ensure best qualities of our dogs are brought forward in future litters. You are given the option to defer your deposit to another litter if the puppies that are born do not meet your family requirements for example gender/color. If this is not possible I will work with you to find your perfect puppy.

Typically, our puppies go home between 8 and 9 weeks however if your puppy cannot be picked up until after 10 weeks we charge $25 a day as the puppies require a great deal of early socialization and training and puppies that go home after 10 weeks may struggle more with the transition. I encourage families to consider a litter that will work well with their schedules so that their puppy experience starts off very positively. We also recommend Living Prairie K9 Solutions in Blackie, AB for a Puppy Boot Camp option
Your puppy will come with a 3-year health warranty, a puppy care package including general puppy care information sheet, a copies of the parents WALA registration and pedigree information, veterinary exam including spay/neuter, vaccinations, and a microchip for identification purposes. We will also supply a fleece blanket to remind them of the smell of their litter mates, a collar , and a few toys.
Prior to arriving at their new homes the puppies will have been exposed to some initial crate training and weather permitting will have started to be ‘outdoor’ trained.
The final and most important thing you will receive from us is a commitment to be available to you for support throughout the life span of your dog. We look forward to getting to know our extended puppy families and appreciate any feedback on your experiences with us and our puppies.

Doodle Addiction Discount
We offer a $300.00 discount to families that purchase their second puppy from us as we know that doodles can become addictive!