About Us

Darren and I acquired our first Multigen Labradoodle in 2006 and have been breeding these magnificent dogs since 2008. It has been a wonderful journey rich with new knowledge, experience, joy, excitement and of course times of anxiety, sadness and loss. Even upon reflection of our most difficult days we have not regretted a moment of raising these amazing dogs.
We think what sets us apart from other breeders is that our small program allows us to focus on the quality of the Labradoodles we produce. That is evidenced by our use of other breeder’s high quality studs and the careful selection and purchase of 2 studs of our own. Our puppies are only as healthy and wonderful as the breeding pairs we select. We are also a truly are a home raised program. All Labradoodle puppies are reared right in our home. There are no kennel facilities or outside facilities for our puppies or their moms. In our opinion this is essential in raising a well socialized family pet. Our puppies are born in a whelping room right beside our bedroom so that their mother has us close by for support and reassurance and we can hear that the puppies are sleeping and not unsettled due to hunger or cold or simply by getting separated from the group. At three weeks they move down to our main living area where they are introduced to the sights and sounds of a regular household.
At about a month our friends are able to come by and see the puppies so the puppies become exposed to new people and their socialization period is started. We maintain caution with regards to things such holding the puppies and ensuring that our guests do not expose our precious babies to parvo or other transmittable disease. We ask that our visitors inform us if they have been to other breeders or pet stores/facilities/dog parks before they visit our home.
Darren and I are also proud of the fact that we maintain integrity in our program by holding the same standards for ourselves as we do our puppy families. We believe that re-homing pets is sometimes unavoidable but is certainly not to be taken lightly. The three Labradoodles that live with us are permanent family members. Keely and Maddie are seniors at 15 and 14 and Molesley is Darren’s best pal and is 8 years old. Our program has evolved through use of guardian homes which again we select very carefully to ensure that our values are also those shared by the guardian families. We also enroll each of our dogs in at least one puppy class as we never feel that there is not something that we can learn and our dogs benefit from the socialization with other dogs.

We are fortunate to share our love of breeding dogs with my long time friend Christa who is a retired nurse and enjoys raising one or two litters per year as well. She also has three doodles of her own and thinks you can never have too many doodles! Unfortunately our husbands don’t agree.

In addition to being Labradoodle breeders I have been a mental health therapist for the past 28 years and Darren has worked for the City of Lethbridge for almost 35 years. We have the same commitment to service and quality in our breeding program that we do in our careers.

Earth Angels Labradoodles is a socially conscious program. We juvenile spay/neuter all puppies before they leave to their new families or sell on strict spay/neuter contracts. Our breeding dogs are spayed shortly after their second litter. We donate money each year to animal rescues and will do all we can to help people locate a rescue/rehomed dog if that is your preference. We are cognizant to not breed litters without a demand for the puppies and so we gather a list of applicants/deposits in advance of the breeding.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.
(Anatole France)