Earth Angels Labradoodles

At Earth Angels Labradoodles our primary goal is to breed high quality, medium sized, fleece coated, multigenerational Labradoodle puppies. We maintain high standards in our  breeding program and hope to match these standards with discriminating families who will appreciate the thoughtfulness and care that goes in to the breeding of these puppies.

Our Labradoodle dogs are first and foremost beloved family members. They center our lives and provide our home with lively energy. We aspire to raise Labradoodle puppies that are not only beautiful to look at but are also loyal, affectionate and well socialized companions.

In November 2018 we discontinued our long time ALAA membership and we became member of WALA  – the Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association  which is a new organization with members not only in North America but Europe as well. The pandemic demand for doodles has resulted in an abundance of new breeders. Throughout the years we have maintained a small program and have focused on improving breeding practices by gaining knowledge of genetics, health and canine enrichment. Our goal remains to improve health and temperament results within our own breeding program.

The past 15 + years has provided us with a wealth of information on the doodles we have produced. WALA membership will give our program a voice so that we can achieve these goals along side of many other like minded breeders.  Our future will include participation in a democratically run organization that promotes evidence informed breeding practices and professional educational development which will ultimately create a better future for the health and well being of our doodles. We also aspire to be able to utilize  health tested dogs from pedigrees that will bring genetic diversity to our program. This is a very important element in creating healthy canines.

Post pandemic we have seen an abundance of new people breeding all types of doodles without acknowledging the importance of  health testing and knowledge of pedigrees. It is more important than ever that people research whom they are purchasing their labradoodles from. We recommend that families consider a breeder who embodies longevity and commitment to breeding and belongs to an association such as WALA or the ALAA. Responsible breeders demonstrate integrity which includes a concern for the the market demand of their puppies. Reputable breeders should have a website and not be advertising their available puppies on platforms such as Kijiji. They should welcome you to their home and be transparent about their health testing and breeding practices.

If you choose an Earth Angels Labradoodle we look forward to helping you acquire a quality puppy. If you are looking for a rescue or an older puppy we will take the time to help you look for those options too. We enjoy sharing our passion and knowledge of labradoodles and invite you to reach out.


We have availability for small medium sized labradoodle puppies in our upcoming fall litters. Check Upcoming Litters for further updates.

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Labradoodle puppies available in Alberta • British Columbia • Calgary • Edmonton • Fort McMurray • Kamloops • Kelowna • Prince George • Regina • Saskatchewan • Saskatoon • Vancouver • Victoria