Puppy Application

Ideally Earth Angels Labradoodles endeavors to place our puppies with families who are puppy and dog experienced or people who are willing to commit to training and learning a great deal about the care and raising of a dog. Experience has shown us that all types of people fall in love with the look and disposition of the labradoodles however not all people are inclined to be able to meet the training requirements that go along with a highly intelligent and pack driven dog. The labradoodles require families who will truly make them a member of their family and include them in many family activities as well as have families who will seek out opportunities for their dog to interact with other canines and participate in the lifestyle of any regular dog. Often the labradoodles that people meet and become intrigued by are dogs who have families who have spent many, many hours providing them with the support and opportunities to become a healthy, well mannered, stable dog.

We place our puppies utilizing a collaborative process between Earth Angels Labradoodles and the puppy families.This application and further email and telephone communication will provide me with information about your personal preferences and lifestyle. I in turn will provide regular photos and updates about the litter, respond to specific questions about the puppies, their parents, their general health and personalities and provide weekly photo updates. We have a very active Earth Angels Labradoodles Facebook page which I post on multiple times per week.
When the puppies are five to seven weeks old you are welcome to visit and then at about 6 -7 weeks I will ask all families to provide me with a list of their top 3 preferred puppies. We will use the APET temperament test at 7 weeks which will give us a good overall picture of the puppies’ strengths as well as areas for further development. After the test is completed we will cross reference the results with the applications and try and create the best match. If there is more than 1 good match for a particular puppy we then must go back to the placement order of puppy deposits received to reach the final decision.

We are currently not processing any applications. If you have completed an application and placed a deposit then you are on an upcoming litter. If we have larger than expected litters the puppies will be offered to those already on our lists and awaiting a puppy. I don’t maintain a “back up list”.

Please refer to the Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association for a list of reputable breeders.

Puppy Application
Earth Angels Labradoodles "Puppy Application"