Doodle Health

Before purchasing a labradoodle puppy we recommend that you do your homework and research the health problems associated with each of the breeds that comprise the multigenerational labradoodle.

Although responsible breeders test for a number of health conditions it is only possible to test for a small percentage of problems that our beloved canines can encounter. Before breeding and purchasing breeding stock we must complete our due diligence and try and obtain as much information as we can about the health problems that have been expressed in each of our lines. We know that breeding 2 unrelated dogs is the best way to try and create genetic diversity and breed away from health issues however the most important first step is to try and learn as much as we can about our breeding dog’s ancestors. We rely on our long time breeder friends and databases to try and fill in as many gaps as we can. It is a challenge to maintain diversity in our bloodlines and avoid the inbreeding that has created problems in so many purebred dogs. We greatly admire the breeders that are working hard to develop new, healthy lines of North American Labradoodles.

Earth Angels Labradoodles maintains the standard of Gold Paw Membership with the Australian Labradoodle Club of America which entails the following:
In addition to the hip and elbow clearances required of all Member Breeders, the following tests are required to be awarded both the Silver and Gold Paw logos: an eye exam clearance from a certified opthamologist, EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse) and prcd-PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) clearance. If status is verifiable via parent dog health test reports, the DNA test will be waived. Dogs with unknown EIC or PRA status must be tested.
In addition to these standards we continue to complete OFA cardiac testing and Pawprint Genetics has a panel of tests which can be completed on labradoodles which we have done on most of our current breeding dogs.

The ALAA website is a wonderful source of information and the following page is a great resource on health care of the doodles and a great grooming video. When you purchase a puppy from us they are registered with the ALAA and their owners are eligible to apply to be pet members.